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Certificates of Deposit

With Certificates of Deposit ranging from 7 days to 5 years, we're sure we can help choose the right one for you. We offer very competitive interest rates and have trained customer service representatives ready to discuss your investment needs. Your interest can be paid monthly by check or deposited to a Citizens Bank checking or savings account. If you have questions about FDIC Insurance Coverage, we will gladly profile your accounts and show you different options for insuring your accounts well above $250,000. Certificates of Deposit may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty. Come by our New Accounts office and let us discuss current interest rates and terms for your investments.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Open an IRA today and start getting immediate tax benefits. We offer fixed rate and variable rate IRAs with many different options tailored to meet your individual needs. Also, if you want the safety and security of FDIC insurance, we can help you complete the paperwork to transfer your IRA or 401K from another bank, insurance annuity or even an uninsured stock market fund to an FDIC insured IRA. IRAs may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty. Transfer your IRA today for complete peace of mind.