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Internet Banking – Online, All The Time

Internet Banking provides you secure 24-hour access to your accounts. With Internet Banking, you can take charge of all your accounts from the convenience of your own home.


  • Account Access – View account balances, see copies of checks that have cleared, look at transaction history, schedule transfers, and export data into Microsoft Money or Quicken.
  • Bill Payment – If you haven't tried to pay bills online, here is your chance. No more stamps, envelopes, or wasted time paying bills!  Avoid reordering checks by letting the Bill Payment service automate your bills. Set up, schedule, and track single, future and recurring payments. Overnight and same day payment options available for most bills for an additional fee. Sign up today for Bill Payment and pay your bills the easy and convenient way. (more info)
  • E-Statements - get electronic statement instead of paper. No more filing, statements stay online for 2 years and can be saved for infinite access. (more info)
  • Quicken – Now you can download your account your account information directly into Quicken. Downloading your bank information into Quicken lets you manage your personal and household finances quickly and easily without manually entering each purchase or deposit.
  • Notify Me - personalized Email Alerts and Text Alerts to notify you of account status (more info)
  • Account History downloads - compatible to download info into Quicken, Microsoft Money, etc
  • Loan Payments - make payments from a Citizens Bank of Winfield deposit account to your Citizens Bank of Winfield loan balance.
  • Demo – Curious to see how it all works? Click here to run a demo version of Internet Banking to see firsthand the advantages that await you.

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Online BillPay Gives You Value and Convenience!

Your daily routine puts enough demands on your life. Keeping track of your finances shouldn't be one of them. Now you can manage your financial life with real convenience thanks to online BillPay and e-Bill with Citizens Bank of Winfield.

  • Pay & view your bills anytime of the day, on any day of the week, from anywhere in the world!
  • Schedule one time, future or recurring bill payments.
  • View your payment history on your account.
  • Receive online e-Bills from many major billers that notify you when the bill arrives, and can be viewed online and printed as needed.
  • Basic Internet Banking is provided at no cost. Bill Pay will incur a $6.95 monthly fee unless 3 bills or more are paid each month.

Here is how to sign up today:

Current Internet Banking Customers -

  • Log in to Internet Banking.
  • Click on the Services & Settings tab, click on Modify Access & Services
    • Add BillPay to an account already in Internet Banking:
      1. go to the column titled Actions
      2. locate the desired account
      3. click on Actions, then Edit and select the option for "Basic with BillPay"
    • Add BillPay to an account not in Internet Banking:
      1. instead of Modify Access & Services, choose Add Account
      2. enter the account number, nickname, and account type
      3. check the box under the column "BillPay"
  • You will receive a message in Internet Banking once your account has been updated with the requested services.

New Internet Banking Customers -

  • On the Internet Banking link click on the Apply Now button.
  • Choose "BillPay" by checking the box next to the account that you would like to use to pay bills.
  • You will be notified when your account has been set up on Internet Banking and BillPay.

Start Saving Time and Money Today! Enroll for BillPay today!  If you have any questions CONTACT US


With E-statements, you may sign up to receive an e-mail notification the day your checking or savings account statement is available.  It’s eco-friendly, safe, secure and more convenient than receiving your statements by mail.  An E-statement looks just like your paper statement but it’s online.  No more sifting through pages and pages of transactions.  Just use internet banking to view your monthly statement.

Here’s how to sign up:

  • Log on to Internet Banking 
  • Click on Accounts, then choose which account you’d like to get e-statements
  • Click the Statements tab, then click Electronic Only Statement Delivery and follow directions.
  • Under the Profile Name and Profile Settings, click Contact Information to make sure your e-mail address is up to date.

Other benefits of E-statements:

  • Be "Green" trees by not having your statement printed on paper.
  • Protect your identity...Our E-statements are web secure.

Notify Me - Internet Banking Feature

Another safe and convenient way to stay on top of your account activity. "Notify Me" allows you to set account alerts to be received either by email or text. 

Alerts can be set in any of the following categories:

  • Account Activity alerts – Notification when specific types of activity have occurred on an account, or have exceeded the customer’s set thresholds.
  • Messaging alerts – Notification when messages are sent to your online inbox.
  • Security alerts – Notification when security-related changes have been made - e.g., contact information is updated, or when certain banking operations have completed

Easy as 1-2-3:  Follow these 3 three easy steps to set-up mobile text alerts:

  • Click the Alerts tab at top of page, then Settings
  • Enroll your mobile phone to receive text alerts or your email address for email alerts
  • Select alerts you want to receive on your mobile device or through email.

Alerts are a safe and convenient way to stay on top of your account activity. The Citizens Bank is dedicated to making your financial life easier and safer.

Text message fees may apply, check with your carrier for details. Text messages are sent at 3 different intervals each day as operations are processed. You can expect to receive texts at 8am, 9am and/or 3pm depending on the type of alert you have selected

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