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You can help protect yourself from fraud!!!

The Citizens Bank of Winfield and Visa® are working closely together to catch any fraudulent behavior and protect your account.  There are also some simple things you can do.  And remember, your Visa Checkcard is backed by Visa’s Zero Liability policy, so even if your card or its number is ever lost or stolen, you won’t be responsible for unauthorized charges if you notify your bank immediately.

Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN):

  • Never write down your PIN.  Memorize it as soon as you get it and never store it with your card.
  • Do not disclose your PIN to anyone. 
  • Beware of phishing emails.  These are emails that appear to be from your bank or online merchant asking for account information.  Do not reply to them or click on any links.  Visa, your bank or any other legitimate online merchant will never ask for your PIN or other personal financial information via email.
  • At an ATM or PIN pad, enter your PIN discreetly, shielding the keypad with your hand or body.
  • When possible, use your Citizens Bank VISA Checkcard as a credit instead of debit.  Even if a merchant’s screen indicates that you need to enter a PIN, you may press cancel and the option of credit will appear and you may choose this option.  This will mean your transaction will process through the VISA network and you have better rights as a consumer if an error or a fraudulent charge is made.

Follow these steps to spot suspicious activity and protect your account:

  1. Review your monthly checking account statement to spot any unauthorized purchases.  You can also monitor your account activity online at any time at
  2. Review your credit reports for accuracy.  You can get a free credit report 1 time a year at  This is a free government website and you won’t be required to enter any debit or credit card information.
  3.  If you spot any unauthorized charges, please contact us immediately at (205)487-4277
  4. You should also contact the three credit reporting agencies listed below to notify them of any suspected fraud or identity theft.

EQUIFAX®   800-525-6285   WWW.EQUIFAX.COM

Internet Security Tips

Below are links to government websites and resources concerning internet identity theft and steps you can take to protect yourself online.